Thursday, 1 March 2012

I couldn't resist.... more set of Wrist warmers. These are from the fabulous Lucy at Attic 24. I absolutely love her use of colour on all her projects. I am pleased with mine and I love the green but I discovered tonight a lovely ball of wool in cranberry and I really wished I'd used it for a couple of stripes on these. I just would have liked a couple of more vibrant stripes in it. I can see me pulling these back and re-doing them this weekend...we'll see. The pattern was super-easy (as are all of Lucy's tutorials) but my first chain row was a bit tight on my arm so I turned mine upside down so the tighter end is around my fingers, which I really like.
I wish I'd had these last year when I broke my wrist-lol.


  1. These are so pretty. Love the colours! Maggie xx

    1. Thank you Maggie!! From what I've read in the papers about gales and snow this weekend, I might need them!

    2. These are just lovely! I'm trying to make these right now. Do you do the edging before or after stitching up the seams? Thanks so much!