Monday, 5 March 2012

A wonderful weekend.

This weekend we decided to drive to York on Saturday. I absolutely love York and my goal is to live there one day. I always feel like my batteries are recharged when I go there and I can see things differently. I love all the history and the beautiful buildings.
This is York Minster, a truly staggering building, so peaceful inside, you wouldn't think you were in the middle of a vibrant city.
Some old Roman pillars.
I love these.
I love this building and you can walk right under it.
The famous Shambles (with one or two nice wool shops!!)
I also visited my favourite Antiques centre which has a lovely vintage clothes room downstairs.
I bought a few pieces of Liberty print fabrics from here in the past. I love trying all the hats on and imagining what possible circumstances would warrant me buying them. I also had a quick browse in Ness, a shop I adore but can't afford.
Look at all the beautiful colours-I'd work there for free just to be around all that lovely stuff. I decided to do the charity shops instead and got this lovely top which although isn't vintage, has a very vintage look. I absolutely LOVE the colours.
We drove back via Towton and stopped at the monument which marks the scene of the Battle of Towton 1461. It's very atmospheric and moving to think of the blood that was shed there.
We then went to Blackpool on Sunday morning-talk about a contrast from the day before. Forgot to take a photo of Blackpool tower so here's the Big One instead......
and the sea......
followed by a trip to the Castlefield Vintage market where I bought this from Tweed Queen...
then when I got back home I just about had enough time to finish my travel mug cozy. I'm really pleased with this although Geordie is yet to be convinced that it actually does keep my coffee warm! I don't care it looks cute and that's all that matters to me. :-) 


  1. What a lovely post! I loved reading about your trip to York - I haven't been there in years but I remember the Shambles and its pretty little shops. Love that top you bought - my kind of colours! And tell Geordie - of course your mug cozy keeps your coffee warm - it's useful and pretty! Maggie xx

  2. York is so lovely. I've read a few posts about York recently. Thank you for finding and following me. I love your blog. The olive green schmatta you made is fab, and your postcard from Morrissey - wow! Lucy xx

  3. Thanks for following me too!. I'm just starting with blogging and I love it. I love your kitchen and all your vintage pots and china-it's becoming a bit of an obsession of mine too but I'm running out of space!! Eileen xx

  4. Just realised you are following me thanks for stopping by. York looks like an interesting place for a moouch around. Love your vintage casserole dish further down your page its great when you find something you love. Your crochet looks fab loving the cup cover thats so lovely and colourful. Welcome to blogland ;-) dee x