Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tough times-need to take a short break....

This is the first time I've visited Blogland in ages (well it feels like ages!!) Some of you may know my poor Geordie has been feeling poorly for a couple of months and we have been backwards and forwards trying different medications, having cameras down and various scans. Well 19 days ago we received the devastating news he has cancer. At first they said it was in his liver, spleen and kidneys. After having a CT scan they now think its lymphoma and told us a lot of lymphomas are treatable. To say this has been one of the worst times in my life is an understatement. We are now awaiting a liver biopsy which should happen this week and then the results the week after-we should then know what can be done. I had cancer myself 11 years ago (Hodgkins disease) and just can't believe this is happening to us again-getting cancer at a young age is still very rare. My Geordie was a tower of strength when I was ill but I'm afraid I'm falling apart a bit.
Anyway we are praying, staying positive, and trying to stay calm while all the tests are done.
Please can you all pray for him or send some positive vibes our way that we hear some good news and he will be able to be treated and return to health.
Thanks everyone. xxx