Saturday, 25 February 2012

More scarves and wrist-warmers!!

Oh well, I know I said no more knitting scarves or wrist warmers after knitting them for me, Mum and my sister but my little niece kept trying them all on and complaining about the unfairness of them all being too big for her! She must have told me a hundred times how much she wanted them and how turquoise was her favourite colour, so yesterday I trawled Bury Market , and found turquoise wool! Today Geordie was fixing a neighbours car so I sat and watched Kirstie's Handmade Britain on Sky+, which I love, and knitted little girl versions of my scarflette and mittens.
I haven't sewn them up yet but here they are next to my 'big girl' version. I hope she likes them. The turquoise is a bit more vibrant than it looks on the picture and I know nine year olds can be flipping fussy, so fingers crossed.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another quirky-vintage find....

Do you like my lovely vintage casserole dish? My friend has been dabbling in antiques as a hobby for a few years now but she recently gave up work and is now starting her own small business. She particularly likes clockwork tin toys, drinks/cocktail items, kitchenalia and Art Deco. She bought me this and I just love all the pictures (even the mincer!!). I've got quite a few new things to display in the kitchen so I need Geordie to get his drill out and get me another shelf up!! I can't bring myself to use it because I just know something hideous would happen and it would end up in bits on the floor (and me too!)


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Most Successful Day.

Well I had a wonderful day with my wonderful sister shopping for birthday presents for our Mum. We of course ended up in Cath Kidston (well I say 'ended' but we just went straight there,lol). I got Mum this , the mini dot box bag in green, and my sister got her this, mini dot passport holder, and this, red Stanley glasses case. The munchkins gor her this mug in Provence Rose. I also gave Mum the orange scarflette I made earlier which I'm modelling (badly) in one of my earlier posts. I have to admit I did treat myself to some gorgeous little red rose slides from CK too!! I also bought a keyring for a friend who is taking her driving test tomorrow-I really hope she passes and hopefully the keyring can go on her new car keys. We then lunched and chatted, then off to Primarni-it had to be done, it's the law! I got 2 beautiful vests with a chiffon trim, that could have definitely come from Monsoon-£3 each!! I just had to get both. One is a kind of jade colour and the other tan.  

I have started my car rug/blanket for Tulip and I'm really excited about it. I love the candy dolly mixture colours and it's so quick to do. Now that I've had my fill of neck and wrist warmers, I want to fly with this. In fact in my head I'm already planning another one for when Geordie gets around to decorating the bedroom. I'm also thinking about getting a sewing machine for my little box room cum study cum junk room. Even though my Dad is a tailor and has a fabulous workroom, I'd like my own machine so I can start a few sewing projects too. I've got 4 days off work now so by Sunday I hope to have doubled the size of my blanket-woohoo! 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hidden gems lurking in the wardrobe.

Just discovered both of these in my wardrobe today-unworn!! I totally forgot I had either. I really need to stop throwing on a trusty Monsoon dress, leggings, knee boots and little cardigan, every single day. I think I really need this book, it's called 'What I Wore Today' by Gemma Correll. I think it might force me to stop and think about my wardrobe and stop wearing 10% of it 100% of the time.....and always thinking I've got nothing to wear!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Finished my purple one....

I actually do prefer this to the orange one. I made this a couple of inches longer which seems to have made it a little looser and nicer to wear. I used the same scarflette pattern from Ravelry as before and exactly the same wool as the orange (but obviously a different colour!!). Anyway I'm now leaving all types of neck warmers alone for now and moving on to my blanket. I'm making this, or my version of it anyway. I think it's beautiful. I'll probably not make it this big-I just want a blanket to put on the parcel shelf of my car Tulip, to sit out on in the Summer or for a car rug. I want it bright and colourful like this one but with a lot of red to match my car.
Can't wait to get started!!!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Need it to freeze....brrrr.

Finished my lovely burnt orange scarflette. I love it!! It's so chunky and warm and the colour reminds me of ginger biscuits-Yum!! (can't you tell I'm back at WeightWatchers). The colour's a bit darker than on the picture and it's soooo thick, it needs to get really really cold now so I can test it out in real-life conditions.I've just noticed there's a duck flying out of the side of my head, a rabbit on top of my head and some kind of dinosaur perched on the other side-no wonder I look like I've taken some sort of hallucinogenic substance-lol!

Ps. here are my lovely vintage-style bird slides which I bought off ebay for £1.75 each!! I love love love these....they go so well with my Cath Kidston oilcloth Bird messenger bag.

Friday, 10 February 2012

sandwich heaven!

My Cath Kidston flask and sandwich boxes!! Soooo excited, soup, sandwich, salad and fruit...yum yum!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Just thought I'd share...

Love my Hilda Ogden duck! I know they normally come in 3's but I spotted this at an antiques fair, at the Reebock in Bolton, all on its lonesome and had to have it. I'd quite like 2 other 'odd' ones now so I still have a set of 3 but not a set (if you know what I mean!!)

Also recently acquired this vintage Bluebird toffee tin. It has 4 pictures round the side depicting the 4 seasons (I think you can just make out the Winter scene at the front), so I plan to keep turning it around as the seasons change. This came from the Antiques Centre  in Helmshore which is a gorgeous old church building absolutely crammed to the rafters with all sorts of stuff. The tea and cake in the cafe is to die for too!

Another schmatta....

This is a gorgeous wool-superchunky and fluffy. It's really soft and warm and I added more of my mum's vintage buttons. I hope it stays cold for a few more months as I'd really love to make more of these. Just bought some more wool in burnt this space!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Things I've been making....

Just got back into knitting and crochet. Been after a vintage-style tea cosy for ages so just had a go with some scraps of wool I had left. Decided to finish off with pom-poms as I have a bit of a pom-pom obsession and I got fed up making the big ones for my Monsoon-inspired scarf.

Handwarmers! I love these!! I can drive in them, get money out of my purse, look at my lovely Betty Blues nail varnish! I made these from double knitting which I usually hate because I get bored if it's not chunky wool that knits up fast but these were finished in a couple of hours. I'm def going to make more of these.

My lovely schmatta inspired by Amy on Angry Chicken , I love this too as it's perfect for driving in. It doesn't get in the way like scarves do. I wanted to make a teal one but they didn't have any super chunky wool in the wool shop in any colours I liked. I went for this on an impulse, it's chunky but I knitted 2 strands together. I really really really wanted to start knitting it straightaway so I had to choose something and get going. I'm really pleased with it, especially the purple vintage buttons I got off my mum.
I've started another one now in olive green....I feel a new obsession coming on!! Someone slap me quick!