Monday, 12 March 2012

Lovely Geordie!!

My lovely Geordie bought me this...
I have been looking at this book and wanting it for ages! I kept picking it up in the shop and looking through the lovely pages and then putting it back because it was £20. Geordie came in tonight and gave it to me!! Oh it's soooo lovely (and so is he!)
 Look at the lovely hair...

 How to make lovely hats....

 and lovely aprons....

It's just a book of total loveliness.
Thank you Geordie. XX


  1. How amazing is this book? I love it!!
    I was a bit hasty with it being £20 but I called into tk maxx where they are selling copies for £9.99!! I had to rummage through the books but we all love a good rummage.
    Enjoy its brill! :) xx

  2. I have considered buying this book but it would purely be for eye candy as alas I do not cook, bake, mend or sew. It looks scrummy though - what a thoughtful chap you have! xx

  3. It is amazing and I do LOVE a good rummage in tk maxx!! And Lucy, it will probably end up being eye candy for me too as I tend to go through books thinking 'I could do that' and 'I could do that' and end up doing nothing except gaze at the pictures-lol. Anyway I'm off to ooh and ahh some more over it now. xx

  4. I will look out for this book - looks fab! How thoughtful is your man? Maggie xx