Sunday, 11 March 2012

Antiquing in Hebden Bridge.

On Friday I had a lovely day out with my friend Miss M who has just started a little business in antiques. She has been collecting for years and is great at hunting out fab bargains. We drove to Todmorden first and went to Picture House Antiques where I got this.....
It's from the 1950's from Egersund, Norway and yes it should have a lid but I'm always attracted to things that might get rejected for not being perfect. I fell in love with it and my friend got me some money off (I'm too shy to ask for their best price!!)-it only cost me £4. I was overjoyed and it's going to go on my new kitchen shelf when it gets put up. They had a whole corner in the shop full of casserole dishes, coffee pots, tea sets etc etc. I also saw a snail dish! Never seen one of those before and hopefully I'll never see one again-lol.

We then drove on to Hebden Bridge a place I love and have been coming to for years. We went in some lovely vintage clothes shops and craft shops and were really spoilt for choice. I was on a very tight budget but I'll definitely go back on payday! Anyway Miss M got some lovely things to sell on, a lovely TG Green mixing bowl (that I hankered after,) a 'boudoir' sign and a vintage soap dish. I found this for my Dad's fittingroom....

My Dad is a bespoke tailor who has a lovely fitting room for his customers, which is decorated with lovely vintage things. I've bought him Victorian tailors bills, old copy's of Tailor and Cutter, an Art Deco tie press, all manner of 'tailor' related ephemera which he displays proudly. This was £2, I was going to save it towards his birthday present in July but I usually get too excited when I find something for someone that I'll probably just end up giving it to him next time I see him. 

I also got these for myself.
They are so cute I couldn't resist and only £2.

Then we went for lovely coffee and cake which Miss M treated me too in return for me doing the driving in the lovely Tulip. I still haven't finished the Tulip Car Blanket yet, but I did manage to squeeze this in...
Inspired by Lucy at Attic 24, I made this to take to work tomorrow to cheer me up while I'm chained to my desk for 8 hours.

My last weekend bargain was these.....
I really needed new wellies as it will soon be time for Classic Car shows /Country shows/ Steam rallies etc and all the other shows in fields which get muddy in the lovely British weather. I wanted shorter ones and saw these in Tesco (of all places). They were £12 and I had £11.50 in clubcard vouchers so they cost me 50p-total bargain!!!!

This week I will be chipping away at my Klimt-inspired car blanket. I've got a bag full of pieces now and I can't wait to start fitting them all together. Also I need to start knitting the puppy pug jumper I've been asked to make for 12 week old Tilly Puggles. My first commission-wish me luck.


  1. Such pretty buys. I haave loads of pyrex tureens with no lids, I can't stop buying them! x

  2. Sounds like you had a great day ;-) Loving that tureen what a great design. Loving your crochet cover. Have a great week and enjoy your project. dee x

  3. I love the tureen and the tailor's advert for your dad's fitting room. Your day is just the sort of day I love! And it's great returning home with bags of unusual or quirky goodies :) Also love the wellies - I really need some new wellies now we've got Spencer! Can't wait to see the pug jumper when it's finished. Maggie xx

  4. Lovely buys! New follower, I think your blog is great =)
    I also love Hebden Bridge, it's such a beautiful place