Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Things I've been making....

Just got back into knitting and crochet. Been after a vintage-style tea cosy for ages so just had a go with some scraps of wool I had left. Decided to finish off with pom-poms as I have a bit of a pom-pom obsession and I got fed up making the big ones for my Monsoon-inspired scarf.

Handwarmers! I love these!! I can drive in them, get money out of my purse, look at my lovely Betty Blues nail varnish! I made these from double knitting which I usually hate because I get bored if it's not chunky wool that knits up fast but these were finished in a couple of hours. I'm def going to make more of these.

My lovely schmatta inspired by Amy on Angry Chicken , I love this too as it's perfect for driving in. It doesn't get in the way like scarves do. I wanted to make a teal one but they didn't have any super chunky wool in the wool shop in any colours I liked. I went for this on an impulse, it's chunky but I knitted 2 strands together. I really really really wanted to start knitting it straightaway so I had to choose something and get going. I'm really pleased with it, especially the purple vintage buttons I got off my mum.
I've started another one now in olive green....I feel a new obsession coming on!! Someone slap me quick!

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