Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Most Successful Day.

Well I had a wonderful day with my wonderful sister shopping for birthday presents for our Mum. We of course ended up in Cath Kidston (well I say 'ended' but we just went straight there,lol). I got Mum this , the mini dot box bag in green, and my sister got her this, mini dot passport holder, and this, red Stanley glasses case. The munchkins gor her this mug in Provence Rose. I also gave Mum the orange scarflette I made earlier which I'm modelling (badly) in one of my earlier posts. I have to admit I did treat myself to some gorgeous little red rose slides from CK too!! I also bought a keyring for a friend who is taking her driving test tomorrow-I really hope she passes and hopefully the keyring can go on her new car keys. We then lunched and chatted, then off to Primarni-it had to be done, it's the law! I got 2 beautiful vests with a chiffon trim, that could have definitely come from Monsoon-£3 each!! I just had to get both. One is a kind of jade colour and the other tan.  

I have started my car rug/blanket for Tulip and I'm really excited about it. I love the candy dolly mixture colours and it's so quick to do. Now that I've had my fill of neck and wrist warmers, I want to fly with this. In fact in my head I'm already planning another one for when Geordie gets around to decorating the bedroom. I'm also thinking about getting a sewing machine for my little box room cum study cum junk room. Even though my Dad is a tailor and has a fabulous workroom, I'd like my own machine so I can start a few sewing projects too. I've got 4 days off work now so by Sunday I hope to have doubled the size of my blanket-woohoo! 

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