Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Need it to freeze....brrrr.

Finished my lovely burnt orange scarflette. I love it!! It's so chunky and warm and the colour reminds me of ginger biscuits-Yum!! (can't you tell I'm back at WeightWatchers). The colour's a bit darker than on the picture and it's soooo thick, it needs to get really really cold now so I can test it out in real-life conditions.I've just noticed there's a duck flying out of the side of my head, a rabbit on top of my head and some kind of dinosaur perched on the other side-no wonder I look like I've taken some sort of hallucinogenic substance-lol!

Ps. here are my lovely vintage-style bird slides which I bought off ebay for £1.75 each!! I love love love these....they go so well with my Cath Kidston oilcloth Bird messenger bag.

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