Friday, 17 February 2012

Finished my purple one....

I actually do prefer this to the orange one. I made this a couple of inches longer which seems to have made it a little looser and nicer to wear. I used the same scarflette pattern from Ravelry as before and exactly the same wool as the orange (but obviously a different colour!!). Anyway I'm now leaving all types of neck warmers alone for now and moving on to my blanket. I'm making this, or my version of it anyway. I think it's beautiful. I'll probably not make it this big-I just want a blanket to put on the parcel shelf of my car Tulip, to sit out on in the Summer or for a car rug. I want it bright and colourful like this one but with a lot of red to match my car.
Can't wait to get started!!!!


  1. Thanks for your comment the other day. I tried to find your blog but I think you put the wrong link. Found you by chance when I went to approve some new comments. Tulip is a lovely colour - what type of car is she? I originally wanted a red Fiat 500 but could only get a cream one or would have to wait.

  2. My first comment!! So exciting-thanks so much.Yes Tulip is very bright and my heart lifts every morning when I see her. I only learnt to drive recently and after years of buses, trams and trains I adore my car. She is a Toyota Vitz which is the japanese version of a Yaris. Its an import so I got all the extras but at a cheaper price. She's pre-loved but perfect. I love your Fiat 500, my friend has the baby blue one but yours is still my favourite. Good luck getting her blanket finished. :-)