Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Geordie the skip rat....

Look what Geordie found in a skip near a friend of ours?

It's really solid and chunky. I'm going to paint it and put it on the landing as a linen / bedding box. We're really short of storage in this house and this is just so perfect (or it will be when I've finished with it). The only reason I can think of for it being in a skip is that there is a small ink stain on the top but once I've sanded and painted it it will be fine.

Tonight I decided to look at all the squares I was crocheting for my Babette Car blanket that I started in February and have neglected after an initial flurry of activity. I laid all the pieces out and realised it won't take many more squares as I'm planning on putting quite a thick border on it. This blanket is to take out in the car for sitting on at classic car shows and picnics so I must get it finished in the next couple of months. When I look at it, I really wish I'd gone for a brighter yellow instead of that pale one but never mind. Also all the wool is acrylic and some of it feels a bit 'squeaky' but I wanted it to be hard wearing and machine washable so I'm sure it will be ok when it all comes together.

I finally finished my Easter chicks too so they are being hand delivered with chocolate and hard cash tomorrow.....(and yes I know the pink one has a bent leg-I think it's cute and quirky but I'm not sure my super critical niece will agree!)

I also made this on Friday for my antiques friend Ms M who has a bit of a boiled egg / vintage egg cup obsession. It was her birthday and since she left work we made a pact not to buy birthday presents for each other anymore as she is trying to start her business up and is on a strict budget. I just couldn't do it so I told her it didn't count as I made it.

In the end it was good karma because one of her friends saw it and asked if I could make her a hat in a similar style....and she wants to pay for it!!!! I feel a bit wierd about it as when I've made things in the past I've always done it for nothing so we'll see.....

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.


  1. wow what a great find,loads of people seem to find great things in skips.Nothing near my end but rubble! aah I love your pretty crafts,I wish I could crochet xx

  2. What sweet crochet projects!! Love the yellow birdies!! xo Heather

  3. What a fab find - to think someone had skipped it but they say someone's junk is another one's treasure!
    Love the bright colours in your crochet blanket and the other little makes :)

    Leah xxx

  4. I love the look of that car blanket! So great that the squares aren't all the same size. Fabulous!

  5. We have that box! We were given it and it's the kids' toy box in our living room, and very useful it is too, so roomy, you will get stacks of linen in it :)