Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Antiques, Shopping and Making Stuff.

Had a lovely weekend but I've been so busy at work I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures.
On Friday I started making the easter 'birdies' for my nephew and niece. I think I might have to combine them with chocolate or 'hard cash' as at the age of 9 and 8, they are a bit too old to be satisfied with home-made pressies now. This is as far as I got though......

Oh well I'll devote some time to them this week.

Anyway on Saturday we went to York again for the day and it was a beautiful day although a bit chilly. We sat outside a lovely old church and had our sandwiches and coffee.

Geordie found this gorgeous silver plated ice bucket with tongs shaped like chickens feet. This is perfect for our 1950's drinks trolley which we've been collecting stuff for over the last couple of years. To be honest we've got way too much stuff now, but this definitely has to go on it-only a fiver as well. It's dated 1953.

Geordie also treated me to this......

What can I say? He does spoil me.....

On Sunday we went to the Reebok Antiques fair in Bolton. I actually missed the junction on the motorway and ended up miles away but it was worth it in the end. I got a lovely 1970's Midwinter sugar bowl (I think)-it's got a lid so I'm not 100% sure if that's what it is-and only £2. Just need all the matching cups, saucers and plates now-lol.

I got a really sweet black cat brooch for £3, some vintage buttons for £2, a Ladybird book about radios for my geeky Geordie (who makes most of his money these days buying and selling vintage short wave and CB radio's), and the last thing we got was a metal school 'Librarian' badge which Geordie found and surprised me with. He remembered me telling him that I was the librarian when I was 9 at Primary school and had one of these badges which I was very proud of. One day I lost it and my teacher told me off and refused to replace it. I remember being heartbroken and crying about it. Geordie has been trying to get me one for ages but could only ever find 'Prefect' ones so I was absolutely over the moon when he gave me this-it meant as much to me as a diamond ring.

As work has been really busy and stressful this week, I have been crocheting every night to relax and get my fix of being creative. I started a cushion cover made in little squares that you join as you go (which I'm loving-never done before). Im doing this, and this is as far as I've got....

I also made this bauble to hang in my car as an air freshener. I added some essential oil to the stuffing and a cat's whisker I found from one of the cats. I read somewhere that a cat's whisker is supposed to keep you safe on car journeys and after my 20 mile motorway detour on Sunday I could do with as much help as possible!!!

One more day to go at work tomorrow then a lovely long weekend to look forward to-painting, gardening, days out, if it's sunny, hot chocolate, blanket making and sky+ if it's not......can't wait. xx


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post:)Lovely photos, I love your ice bucket and tongs and your cushion is going to be gorgeous! That Midwinter pattern brings back childhood memories for me as my Mum had lots of it when we were young. She's still has some pieces left - a large milk jug and a mustard pot. Maggie xx

    1. Aw thanks Maggie. I've never made a cushion cover before so I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'd really love a milk jug in Midwinter, it's now been added to my (long) list of Things I Want-lol. :-) xx

  2. What great treasures!! Love your crochet work!! xo Heather

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for looking at my blog :-), as you can see I'm pretty new to it all. I'm really loving crochet at the moment, and being inspired by all the great things I keep seeing on other blogs. Your blog is really lovely. xx