Sunday, 11 August 2013

Little update....Geordie's cancer battle.

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd do a little update as I'm hoping to get going with my blog again soon.

The last time I updated on here, my poor Geordie had just been told he had cancer and we were waiting the results of some tests. Well since then we have had an absolute nightmare. Geordie went into hospital in October last year for a few tests and his first course of chemotherapy. They wanted to monitor him and he was supposed to be in for 5 days. Things started to go downhill almost immediately.......

To cut a long story short, Geordie ended up getting infections, skin problems and breathing difficulties. He wasn't able to leave hospital and was there until recently. He suffered respiratory failure just before Christmas and was put onto a life support machine to breath for him. The doctors told me they had never seen a haematology patient come off a respirator in 25 years and we were preparing for the worst. ...

but Geordie is made of tough stuff and he was woken up a week later. He had to have a tracheostomy put in to help him breath and he couldn't talk or eat for weeks. He spent weeks in Intensive Care being looked after by the most attentive wonderful nurses I have ever met.

Then one day I walked into his room and the nurse said "He's got something to tell you..." I looked at Geordie and he said "Hello"...oh my god, I've never heard anything so wonderful!!!

His long battle is still going on. He has lost almost half his body weight and has been as low as 47 kilos. He has lost all his muscle and couldn't sit up unaided or stand up or anything. He will walk again but it will be a long process involving rehab and a lot of work. In January he could only lie on his back and wiggle his fingers, then he began to feed himself and if the nurses 'hoisted' him into a wheelchair he could propel himself down the hospital corridor.

We tried to enjoy our hospital visits together. We tried to enjoy pleasures such as fresh coffee and a cake and 'Dickinson's Real Deal'. He continued to have chemotherapy when he was well enough and we should find out soon if it has been successful and what happens next.

He was in hospital for 8 months without a break. He has had trauma after trauma which would fill a whole blog by itself.....


he is now home!!! He is putting weight on, he is walking with a frame. He is standing up on his own to get dressed. His spirit is as strong as ever and he is determined to be back walking and doing all the things he loved before this happened. No one can quite believe what he has come through and how well he is doing. We have the most wonderful team of carers, physiotherapist's and occupational therapists who work with him at home as well as the fantastic Consultant who has saved his life (which sounds dramatic but is absolutely true!!)

I have now finished work to be his full time carer and I'm hoping to find some time to get back into my crafty things as well.

This has quite literally been the worst year of my life but some wonderful things have come out of it. First my family have been fantastic and looked after me when I couldn't eat or sleep for worrying. Second all the lovely neighbours. I didn't realise how much they all thought of Geordie till they were crying when they saw the ambulance bring him home. They have watched my house, hugged me and fed my cats, they've changed my tyres, done washing and cleaning for me and sent the most beautiful thoughtful cards. Third, my work colleagues who have offered me keys to their houses so I could sleep between hospital visits, one guy who brought me salads every day, fruit and soup to make sure I ate. They sent me flowers, bought me presents and basically let me text them at all hours.

People's kindness and love for us has made me feel really humbled and I hope I can be that person for someone else in need.

I now hope to get back to my original blog (with maybe a little Geordie update now and again!)



  1. Oh sweet I have tears rolling down my cheeks reading this........what a truly heartbreaking and hard time Geordie and you have had.....I'm not sure what to say but I want you to know that I am sending you much love and best wishes from across the seas and hoping some special magic happens.
    Take care....much love Vanessa

    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks so much. I am so sure that all the love and best wishes we have received have helped us have a positive outcome so I'll take yours too from across the seas. Thanks again. :-) xxx

  2. You know I have thought about you a few times over the months and wondered how you were getting on. I never imagined it would be such a nightmare. What an awful time you've had. Life is cruel beyond words sometimes. It's heartening to read about the support you've both received though and that things are looking up for Geordie's prognosis. I really hope that continues. Love and best wishes to you both xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Lucy. If I knew this was how it was going to be I don't know what I would have done-It's a good job sometimes we don't know what's in front of us. We certainly just take a day at a time now and try and enjoy something out of every day. Thanks again. :-) xxx

  3. I was crying when I read this. I'm so pleased to hear Geordie's home, he's one hell of a fighter! I have thought about the pair of you a lot over the last few months. Please keep us up to date with his progress. xxx

    1. Hi Vix, thanks for thinking about us and it does help to not feel alone when you are facing these things. I will keep you up to date and I also have to admit to being very inspired by your blog when I was considering what to do about work etc. I haven't given up work for good, I'm just taking a 12 month break but I have re evaluated my life a lot recently and may be looking for a different kind of life now I've been forced into making a decision. Thanks again. :-) xxx