Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays....

All the rain over the last couple of weeks has made me really yearn for a lovely pink polka dot mac I saw in Sainsburys. Well the rain hasn't been letting up and Geordie was sick of my 3 times a day conversation about how much I really NEEDED a pink polka dot mac. So it's now mine and I have worn it every single day over the last 10 days.

It's first outing came last Friday when me and Ms M went to Ramsbottom to look for antiques and charity shop bargains. I found this gorgeous little jug with blossom on which looks really old. All the glaze is crackled and I think it will look gorgeous with some sweet peas in on my kitchen table-cost? £1....bargain.

I also found this lovely big serving plate which looks 1970's to me. I love the pattern and colour and I'll definitely use this rather than put it on a shelf-cost? £2.....another bargain.

Then I found this really sweet spice cabinet with a stained glass door. I'm going to paint the wood in the same lovely duck egg blue paint I did my kitchen table in and clean up the glass and it should look good-cost? £ bargain. 

Ms M bought some lovely things for her shop, chamber pots, vases, tea caddies etc. We are totally different when we go shopping together because she likes to look at the factory names and if there is a chip, a crack or anything missing she's not interested whereas I always tend to gravitate towards the rejects- a dish with the lid missing, a vase on it's own when it should be a pair, I just go for pattern and colour, I don't care if it has no name underneath.
We went in a few vintage clothes shops too and saw some gorgeous dresses and fake fur shawls and jackets-so lovely. We saw so many beautiful things but I'm on such a tight budget at the moment it was strictly window shopping in those shops. As I did the driving, Ms M treated me to coffee and carrot cake in a lovely old-fashioned tea room. Yum!!

As the weather has kept me at home quite a bit, I decided to get some of my 'Work In Progresses' finished. First up was my Attic 24 Little Squares Cushion. I only had to actually sew it up but it's just been sitting there for weeks. Anyway here is the finished project and I'm really pleased with how colourful it looks. It's my first time using the 'join as you go' technique with the little squares and it's so easy I'll definitley do this again.

Next I finished my Owl Doorstop. I'd actually finished all the crocheting weeks ago-it just needed stuffing and sewing up. I ended up putting a kilo of dried chick peas in to weigh him down. He looks so cute and I can't wait to see what the cats think of him (when they all wake up from their giant 12 hour snooze on our bed!)

Anyway, it's Monday tomorrow and back to work so I decided to have a go at making another corsage type brooch but in cotton instead of wool so I can wear it on a cardie for a more Summer-y look. I really like how it turned out as I've not used cotton before and I found it a bit fiddly to crochet with it because it has no stretch in it. I used the Attic 24 pattern and just sewed a circle of felt on the back with a brooch pin on. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow for work. It should cheer up a dreary rainy Manchester Monday.....

Hope everyone has had a good week. xxx


  1. It's Monday and a public holiday here today. It's raining and gloomy and a great time to get into some crochet.
    Attic24 has a lot to answer for doesn't she? I love her work and her instructions are very clear.
    Love your brooch and your cushion. Fab! xx

  2. Wow i love your crochet cushion that is beautiful i adore your use of colours. Your owl is very cute to and so is your jacket. I think we have all had enough of this rain now though. Enjoy your week, dee x

  3. Your cushion and owl are absolutely wonderful, you clever girl!
    Loving that polka dot mac, could have done with that beauty this weekend! x

  4. I loved reading your post - your shopping trip and all your bargain finds - your spice rack will look gorgeous in duck egg blue:) Your cushion is so sweet with all the little squares and pretty colours - and I can't wait to hear what your kitties think of the cutest owl door stop! Have a great week. Maggie xx

  5. Love the owl doorstop, he's so cute!
    I also think the spice cupboard is a real find - it will look amazing painted duck egg =) hope you do a post about it!

  6. Love your polka dot mac, perfect buy with this wet weather!
    Beautiful cushion and cute owl.
    Carol xx

  7. Hi hi Hi my dear friend,.. You like crochet like me..:))
    I like your very nice blog so so much...:))
    All best wishes...